$99 Marketplace Rebate Extension for Windows Phone 7


I blogged earlier about how to receive a $99 Marketplace rebate for Windows Phone 7 applications submission.   I have some good news for you, the rebate deadline has been extended to Feb 15, 2011.  If you haven’t got the rebate because of holidays, now you have more time to work on your application, submit to the marketplace and get your rebate.

In summary, here is what you will do to get the rebate:

  1. Sign up at phone.microsoftplatformready.com
  2. Download the free developer tools
  3. Get $99 Marketplace Rebate. Rebate is valid for developers who publish 2+ apps into WP7 Marketplace, rebate will be sent within 4 weeks of publishing of second app. Limited time offer.

For more benefit to be a member of MPR, see New Benefits for Microsoft Platform Ready.