Developer Resources: HTML5 / IE9 Tutorials and Sample Code


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Have you downloaded the final release of IE 9? If you haven’t, I will highly recommend you download from You will love the new browser.


Many of the developers are interested to learn more of HTML5 and IE9. The following is a list of tutorials that you can use to develop HTML5 application in IE9.  It provides sample applications that are built with features of Windows Internet Explorer 9, modern standards, and real-world design. Each section presents one or more developer scenarios followed by a number of tasks. Each task is designed to help you understand how to achieve the specified goal.


Internet Explorer 9 has more support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) than any previous version of Windows Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 9 adds support for many components of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Level 3 (CSS3).

Debugging and Troubleshooting Your Webpage

F12 developer tools is built into every installation of Internet Explorer 9. This on-demand tool is available anytime, on any page, and enables website developers to quickly debug JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, as well track down performance problems on a webpage or network.

Enabling Standards Support

Internet Explorer 9 supports a variety of established and emerging standards, such as HTML5, CSS3, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and others.


The Geolocation API allows web applications to obtain geographic information about the computer or device running Internet Explorer 9.

HTML5 Audio and Video

Internet Explorer 9 provides support for HTML5 audio and video that allows you to add playback without requiring an add-on or external player. Support for HTML5 can be done by using HTML elements alone, or scripted by using objects, methods, and properties in JavaScript.

HTML5 Graphics

This section contains HTML5 graphics information, samples, and tutorials.

Pinned Sites

Learn how, as a developer, you can implement the Pinned Sites feature of Internet Explorer 9 to integrate your website with the Windows 7 desktop. These scenarios walk you through the process of adding site metadata, custom Jump Lists, notification icons, and Thumbnail Preview toolbar controls to the websites you develop.


Here are a few cool HTML5 sample application and try to run them in IE9:

IMDb Video Panorama Demo

IE Beatz Canvas Demo

HTML5 Audio Player + XML Playlist
A simple audio player built using the audio element and IE9's improved XML support.

IE 9 Tech Center

Springboard IE 9 Tech Center is your destination for technical guidance, expert advice, and free tools to help you learn about, test, deploy, and manage Internet Explorer 9 in your organization. Choose where you are in the adoption lifecycle to get started.