Generation App: You can develop a Windows 8 app in 30 days


30 to Launch is an app acceleration program that helps developers make their idea come to life and finish it fast with resources and incentives at each stage of app development: through daily tips, short videos, telephone consultations with experts, and collaborations with the community. The steps to success are laid out in a 30 day program that creates a surrounded experience of social media, digital learning experiences, 1 to 1 telephone consultations, and engagement with the largest developer community on the planet. We’ve had success with 30 to Launch for Windows Phone in FY12, and are now scaling it broadly across ISVs’ and developers. Your help is critical in driving momentum!

You can develop a Windows 8 app in 30 days—and we’re here to help.

Begin your 30-day journey to create a Windows 8 Metro style app. Sign up to get started and receive:

  • Earn the opportunity to be among the first apps in the Windows Store
  • Personal on-the-phone access to a Windows 8 architect*
  • An exclusive one-on-one Metro style design consultation*
  • Receive 1 tip each day for 30 days: Insider tips and tricks on Windows 8 application development.
  • View 5-7 min weekly videos that guide you through what you need to know
  • Get 1:1 guidance at an App Excellence Lab on finishing your app and readying it for publish
  • Get exclusive access to special offers

Sign up today and get started. Your new Windows 8 app could be mere days away.


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