Get Started with Windows 10


Today Microsoft announced the Windows Insider Program, which allows members to download the Windows 10 Technical Preview.


What does Windows 10 mean for developers?

  • Windows 10 will evolve the universal Windows app model we introduced with Windows and Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 10 will make building great universal Windows apps even more rewarding and efficient. Windows 10 also expands developer opportunity both by targeting a wider range of devices through a common Store and by creating more ways for end users to discover and engage apps. The ability for Windows Store apps to run on the desktop (in a window) is one of the important new ways that we are creating developer opportunity. Those who use Windows 10 in desktop mode will now have greater access to and a more effective way of using your apps. We’ll have more to report in the coming months.


What should developers be doing in anticipation of Windows 10?

  • Universal Windows apps for Windows 10 build on the platform changes we introduced with Windows and Windows Phone 8.1, meaning that developers building universal Windows apps today are already on track to support Windows 10 and the many ways it improves app discoverability, engagement and capabilities.
  • In Windows 10, Windows Store apps will be able to run in a window on the desktop. This is great for developers because it means that apps will be downloaded and used by desktop users in addition to those with tablet and touch devices. To prepare for this new opportunity, we recommend that developers a) ensure that universal apps follow the guidelines for supporting multiple screen sizes, b) test apps for mouse and keyboard compatibility to ensure that desktop users will have a great experience.
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Why should I build a universal Windows apps today vs. waiting?

  • Creating a universal Windows app today allows you to start generating downloads today while giving you an advantage if bringing a Windows 10 optimized app to market when the new OS is generally available.


More detail at Windows 10 Technical Preview and Insider Program