HTML5 Dev Conference Session Video, Slide, Demo: Practical HTML5: Using It Today

I had the honor to present at one of the best HTML5 events in Silicon Valley HTML5 Dev Conf.  Many of you have asked for my session slide, demo and video recording.  Here you go.


Everyone wants to jump into HTML5 but how do you use the cool features of this new specification while ensuring existing and future browsers render your web pages as expected? This is where feature detection, Modernizr, polyfills and shims come in. In the session, you’ll learn the best practices and strategy to code with HTML5 and CSS3 features that won’t break for the existing and future browsers. You’ll learn step by step how to use specially crafted JavaScript and CSS code that emulate HTML5 features. Also, a real-life case study will be used to demonstrate step by step how to build Cross-Browser Plug-in-Free experiences. With a couple of simple changes to your sites, you can take advantage of HTML5 today without breaking your sites in the future. Expect a lot of demos and code in the session.


Video can also be accessed from youtube


Practical HTML5: Using It Today

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Demo in the session

Feature Detection, Modernizr, Polyfills/Shims Demo

Building Cross-Browser Plugin-Free Experiences

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