Join us for SuperHappyDevHouse this Saturday (September 18) in Silicon Valley



Microsoft is sponsoring SuperHappyDevHouse (SHDH) this Saturday at our Mountain View campus.  There will be food, swag and lots of hacking.  Join us!

What is SuperHappyDevHouse?

Read this: Young software developers eat, drink beer, talk code.


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Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus
Building 1
1065 La Avenida
Mountain View, CA 94043

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September 18[1], 2010 from 1pm until 1am


  • A ton of creative, curious hackers like you.
  • Delicious food and cold drinks.
  • A cool t-shirt! (Designed by Cesar Salazar of 42 Claps)
  • A craft room for textile hackers.
  • Hands on with the Windows Phone 7.
  • Beer and wine (Opt-in. You'll need to bring your ID and get a wristband)
  • Lighting Talks on a stage in an auditorium.
  • One or more robots from AnyBots
  • Learn about Chile's startup program. Look for Diego Alcaíno!


  1pm-6pm: Hacking + partying

  6pm-7:30pm: Dinner

  8pm-9pm: Lightning Talks

  9pm-1am: More hacking + more partying

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