Jump Start: Develop Windows 8 Apps using HTML5/JavaScript in 30 minutes

It’s a great pleasure to speak for San Francisco JavaScript Meetup on Monday night.  In this 30 minutes presentation, I talked about the following:

The introduction of Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 provides developers with new challenges and unique opportunities. You already have a Web app on the Internet and want to reach customers with a new, targeted experience on Windows 8. Learn how to leverage your existing HTML and JavaScript skills, and how to integrate your website with your Windows apps.

  • You’ll discover how this mirrors or differs from traditional Web programming and how to harness the rich capabilities of Windows 8 through JavaScript and the Windows Runtime.
  • You'll learn techniques for turning your HTML5, CSS and JavaScript into a great Windows app including touch-enablement, adopting the Windows look and feel, and system integration.
  • You will learn the frameworks that will help you to make your app cross platform (Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, etc)

This session will jump start you to start building Windows 8 apps with the skills you already have.


Building Beautiful and Interactive Metro apps with JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 from Doris Chen


Video Posting: (duration from 5:45 to 40:15)


Demo & Resources:

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