What Sessions to Attend at Nation’s Biggest Code Camp – Silicon Valley Code Camp

Nation’s biggest Code Camp, Silicon Valley Code Camp is about 2 weeks away on Oct 6-7, 2012 (Sat. Sunday).  With over 223 Sessions offered from the community, it’s a lot homework for you to pick the best sessions for you to attend. Let me help you to pick.

Sign up link:

Windows Cloud Walkthrough with Microsoft's Scott Guthrie, VP Server & Tools


html5Interested to learn HTML5 & CSS3, check out sessions here (shameless plug!) html5

Interested to learn Windows 8 Development, check out our track on Windows 8 design, monetization, and development with JavaScript.

Interested to learn more Windows Cloud, check out our track on Azure Cloud

Also check out the sessions from my colleagues Kenny Spade and Matt Harrington.

Hope to see you all there soon!