From the Treasured Gems Dept:

There are two kinds of developers who use Visual Studio 2005: The ones who know about and use, and the ones who will soon know about and use that site.

In Word, there are macros.   In the emacs text editor, you can define extensions using elisp.  VS2005 has this handy little feature called code snippets, which allows you to quickly generate boilerplate code.  All of us have written a class that uses a private field behind a public property.  After the 3rd time you go through the motions of doing that, you think to yourself, "this should be automated".  Code snippets can do that.

Of course, the C# language for "Orcas" includes a feature for Automatically Implementing Properties. This feature would help with that particular example, but it isn't a general replacement for code snippets.

And... if you are not a Visual Studio developer today, might make you think about becoming one!