Peter Galli of eWeek on Microsoft and its work on Interop

Editorial excerpt of the Week. From an article mostly about Sender ID, a specification for e-mail authentication, Peter Galli commented on Microsoft's recent work on interop:

“Over the past four months Microsoft has announced a number of key interoperability activities focused on business and technical activities, including the establishment of an Interoperability Customer Executive Council, the Open XML Translator Project, and the strategic relationship with XenSource for the development of technology to provide interoperability between Xen-enabled Linux and Windows Server virtualization.”

(Peter Galli, reporter from eWEEK. “ Microsoft Opens Access to Its Sender ID Spec ”)


I don't know that the past four months have seen a significant increase in interop activity from Microsoft. Maybe an increase in marketing of the activity, but it seems to me that Microsoft has been doing lots of basic interop work for a long time. WS-* efforts, interop plugfests, the original SOAP specification in 2000, even XML standards in 1997.


On a side note, I am looking into a Java/JSP server-side implementation of the Cardspace protocol. This would allow a Windows Vista client browser using Cardspace to authenticate to any Java-based website. Any interest in that? Drop me a line. For more on Cardspace, see Kim Cameron's identity blog.