New Year, New Challenges and an Invitation to see the future–Farewell Project , Hello Office 365 (which soon includes Project)


Firstly Happy New Year to those who celebrate off the Gregorian calendar.

I am excited to be back on this blog  in a new role, I am now looking after Microsoft's all up Office 365 enterprise partnerships, strategy, programs and enablement covering marketing, services & sales.

I will be offering an invitation to join and come and learn about the next new Office 365 services to offered to our customers. 

This blog will be dedicated to Microsoft enterprise partners seeking to exploit the great new opportunities presented with the Office 365 services.

Having developed the new Project Online business strategy and service offering over the last 3 years, which can currently be seen under customer preview, I have heard first hand the worldwide enthusiasm by customers for this and the other Office 365 services.  This evidence for this continues as customers move their business to Office 365 services today.

So what about partners? In Office 365 it is should be no surprise that Microsoft continues is commitment to partners and the development of partner based business models. It came as a great learning to me, when joining Microsoft in a sales role. how critical partners are to Microsoft's success (and my personal quota). 

Jon Roskill best summarized the crucial role and business relationship partners hold with Microsoft at the Worldwide Partner Conference  2011.

“ We enable partners. Every one of those platforms enables profitable partner business models, and we are the only company out there that does this while generating 95 percent of our revenue with and through partners. 95 percent plus…”. Jon Roskill , Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group


So how to jump start an understanding of the new Office 365 services from a sales and technology perspective? Come join us at Ignite Plus for the latest sales and technical readiness training.


Invitation for Ignite Plus

Technical and sales readiness topics on the agenda will include

IGNITE - Get Ready for the next Office 365 Overviews

PLUS - Grow your business with the new Office

PLUS - Understand the new Office

Office 365 for I.T. Pros

Partnering with Microsoft

The New Office

Identity and Access Management

Understand the  Microsoft Office 365 Sales Process

The New Office Web Apps

Exchange Online

Winning in a competitive services market place

Project Online

Migrating to Office 365

The Customer Immersion Experience, a selling tool


Exchange Online Protection

Understand and optimize for the Microsoft Sales Organization

Office Telemetry and application compatibility

Lync Online

Solution Selling, how Microsoft does it

Office 365 Pro Plus

Data Loss Prevention

How to run an O365 Proof of Concept

The new opportunities for developers and custom apps

Business Intelligence

Helping customers with their regulatory compliance (invitation only)


SharePoint Online

How we joint sell with partners to our large customers



Understand the advantage of becoming a Cloud Deployment Partner


Archiving & E-Discovery

Learn about the dedicate partner investments for you



So to finish where next?

“And we have a lot of work left to do, we Microsoft and we together, with our 640,000 partners around the globe, but there's no question the path is clear and inevitable. There's no question that Microsoft has chosen to embrace that path together with all of you, and there's no question that we still have more to do to develop the mutual opportunities in the cloud.” – Steve Ballmer, Worldwide Partner Conference 2010