Weekly Digest for Friday, July 26– Nearly 200 new members this week!


Weekly Digest for Friday, July 26

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Doug McCutcheon: The US say..   "Have you ever wished for one source to help you understand, sell and deploy Office 365? Wish no more! The June edition of the Office 365 Playbook for Corporate Account partners is now available to this Yammer group. I'd love to get your feedback on the playbook. Can you let me know 1) if this is the right format to deliver the content in; 2) if the content is clear and useful; and 3) if we are missing anything you need (or don't need in the next version!) to successfully sell and deploy Office 365. Thanks in advance for your feedback. "   (1 Document attached)

10:00 AM - Jul 19 / Reply

Doug McCutcheon: I encourage all partners to take this survey. (1 Share attached)

06:05 PM - Jul 25 / Reply


Drashti Patel: A warm Office 365 welcome to our 600th member! A friendly reminder for those of you that are just joining, we encourage you to do a few quick things: 1. Update your profile and introduce yourself. 2. Join groups to find relevant content and network smarter! https://www.yammer.com/office365partners/groups 3. Keep checking back to for announcements,readiness resources and prizes!

03:28 PM - Jul 24 / Reply

Drashti Patel: 4. Be sure to answer the poll question posted below by @Tanuj Bansal, there is a great prize to be won! Details to come.

03:30 PM - Jul 24 / Reply


Doug McCutcheon: At the 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Channel Chief Jon Roskill announced changes to the Microsoft Partner Network that integrate our Cloud Partner programs with subscription and competency offerings, and changes to the Action Pack subscription and competencies are planned, too. Download our guide that details the changes from https://aka.ms/mpnchanges (https://aka.ms/mpnchanges). The Office 365 Cloud Deployment Partner designation will still continue post integration in January. Some of the deployment requirements for membership of this group will be updated. So for all those official Office 365 Cloud Deployment Partners out there, lets plan to hit the new requirements for January.

09:46 AM - Jul 19 / Reply

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