They say it better than I can...

Just want to point you to a few blog articles I have read recently just in case your search doesn't reveal them or if you are lacking a bit of reading material...

Introducing a New Era for ISA Server (interesting info about FTMG [Forefront Threat Management Gateway])
A Look at Threat Management Gateway
Troubleshooting OWA 2007 Publishing Rules on ISA Server 2006

How to prepare your organization for Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation 
Exchange 2003 / 2007 Address List Segregation Document - Updates!!

I know everyone reads the exchange team blog but this is worth pointing out - very useful bit of information for enterprise customers spec'ing Hub Transport Server (New maximum database cache size guidance for Exchange 2007 Hub Transport Server role)

Quick PowerShell Tip using Get-MailboxStatistics

If you're a blogger
12 Tools and Techniques for Building Relationships with Other Bloggers
12 Traits of Successful Bloggers
Leave a Good Impression with Your Blog Posts

..and where's DPM?