DebugDiag version 1.1 is now available – great for troubleshooting hangs, memory leaks and other nastiness

Those of you that know and use DebugDiag will be pleased to know that a version 1.1 has been released.

  • IE7, Vista, and 64-bit Windows compatibility (currently targets only 32-bit processes, but works on 64-bit platforms)
  • Leak rule improvements (dump on memory thresholds)
  • Leak monitoring improvements ('fasttrack' feature, injection fixes)
  • Analysis improvements (Data access components and socket support)
  • Custom actions for crash rules (DebugDiag scripts)
  • Managed call stack resolution
  • Support for managed exceptions (such as System.DivideByZeroException)
  • Support for debugger events (such as Module Load and Unload)
  • Sample scripts included


You can download it here.

There is also a KB Article about it.