End of an era for this blog...

Dear readers

I've not blogged a lot in recent years but from tomorrow I will officially no longer blog here.  I've not decided whether, where or if I will blog in the future. Time will tell. For the time being, old posts should remain and will possibly end up in some future archive site. Looking back, my all time golden year in terms of sheer volume of blog posts was 2008 with 70 posts.

From my initial post about "Why my corner is dark" (I am no longer in that corner and my present desk is not dark), on to my first enthusiastic and ambitious deep dive technical post about how to "Determine the origin of a static root", I meandered through a variety of technical and non-technical posts. Here are some of my popular and favourite ones:


At the time of writing this post I can still be found on Twitter as @dougste and also on LinkedIn.  If I do resume blogging in the future I will link to my new blog from those profiles.

Goodbye for now and thanks for reading! I hope it helped.