Microsoft EMEA IIS/ASP.NET and web developer support team

I recently attended an offsite meeting in Munich for our Microsoft EMEA IIS/ASP.NET and web developer support team. It’s the first time we’ve had the chance to get together in one place for several years (even though we work together everyday!) and it was great to meet up. Not everyone could make it but here are the ones that could:image

From left to right: Gabor, Daniel, Jose, Doug, Noam, Michel, Paul, Rainer, Ahmet, Sylvain, Finbar, Spike, Markus, Karl, Carmelo, Martin and Emmanuel. Also part of the team but unable to attend this time were: Andreas, Carlo, Alex, Rez, Ashish, Amol, Devendra, Prashant, Mert and Omnia. Also there but not in the picture was Benjamin (author of ‘Working with NHibernate 3.0’)

As a team we are active bloggers.

Emmanuel, Paul, Sylvain and Michel (the French team) blog together here.
I have my blog that you are reading now.
We also have blogs by Carlo, Finbar, Ahmet, Andreas, Spike, Amol, Ashish, Devendra, Ben and Daniel.

And although she has now left the team, I must of course mention Tess’ blog for great debugging tutorials and support stories.

And finally, our student intern in the UK this year Alex Oliver blogs,  tweets and maintains a multitude of web properties. Over at he blogs on topics as contrasting and diverse as “Using the web farm framework behind a proxy” and then reports direct from the Children’s BAFTAs!

Bye for now