Surface videos

I’m enjoying watching the Surface videos.

Here is the full set of Surface videos so far…

Surface with Windows RT Drop Test

Learn more about Surface

The making of Microsoft Surface

The Surface Movement

Microsoft Surface Street Art time lapse

Surface by Microsoft

These are all linked from the Surface page on YouTube


And if that has inspired you to start writing Windows Store apps, check out these resources to get you started and beyond:

Make great Windows Store apps - spend some time on this page, watch the embedded video, follow the links to some of the sub pages

Read and book mark the Windows 8 app developer blog

Read and bookmark the Windows Store for developers blog

Read and bookmark the Windows Dev Center - this is the portal for developers targeting the Windows platform

Become familiar with the Windows 8 app certification requirements

Bookmark the Index of UX guidelines for Metro style apps

Read Testing your windows 8 style app with the Windows App Certification Kit

Spend some time with the Windows 8 "Camp in a box" - packed with slides, samples and resources for getting started

Look at this great blog post as it provides a great structured index to many good resources:
So how do CS students make a beautiful looking Windows 8 application?