It ain’t me

Given the prominence of the internet nowadays, it is no surprise that there are other people with the same name as me on the internet that also publish on the web.  So, seeing as I get asked this often, the answer is “NO”!  I don’t have any other websites, facebook profiles, Wikipedia pages, trumpet playing religious websites, relation to the Sarbanes-Oxley act, art galleries nor any other website whatsoever.  This is me, this is my site, and any resemblance to other people is purely coincidental!

You’ll see what I mean by clicking here:

Of course, some co-incidences are humorous.  An old colleague of mine in London, Andy O’Neill, discovered that there is a whole gay dating website bearing his name – much to his embarrassment!  I won’t publish the link to the site here, but it is fairly obvious to work out the URL.  Of course, he denies that it is his site but no-one believes him.