Среща на SofiaDev.NET: Good Unit Tests Ask For Quality Code

Имаме интересна покана за вас от Софийската .NET потребителска група. Ще се срещнем на 27 юни (четвъртък) от 19:00 в Илиев център, Студентски град и ще поговорим за качествен код и как писането на тестове може да ни помогне да го постигнем. Специално за събитието идва и лекторът, Florin Coros, който ще сподели опита си и ще ни покаже няколко интересни демонстрации. Можете да намерите пълната информация за срещата по-долу в поста. Ще се видим в четвъртък!

Темата: Good Unit Tests Ask For Quality Code

The greatest benefit you will gain by writing good unit tests is the quality of your code design. Good unit tests put a high pressure on refactoring your code to be testable, resulting maintainable, extensible and reusable code. This will increase your team efficiency. In this talk I will show what good unit tests mean, how to write them and I will briefly exemplify how unit tests ask for
better code.

Лекторът: Florin Coros

clip_image002Florin Coros is a passionate software architect and developer who has been working for the last 10 years in a wide variety of business applications using Microsoft technologies. He is particularly interested in distributed applications, object oriented design and unit testing. He has an increased interest in software quality and he strongly believes in quality driven products. As one of the fans of Uncle Bob he values his saying: “the only way to go fast is to go well”. Currently, Florin works at ISDC in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
In the last years Florin got involved in IT communities. He is one of the Co-Founders of RABS, a community of experienced IT professionals which wants to help raise the quality of our products as an industry. Last year, with the support of all major development communities, Florin organized The Global Day Of Code Retreat in Cluj-Napoca, an event which gathered more than 70 passionate developers for a full day of practicing their profession.

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