10 Online Sessions for Windows Phone 8 Development

I am planning to run 10 online sessions for Windows Phone 8 Development. If you are new to Windows Phone 8 development these series of sessions are a good start for you. Experienced? it’s no waste of time to attend some of the sessions or ask me the questions you want about the topic you select.

The sessions will be delivered via a Lync meeting and for each session, you can join via the URL provided below.

Event Details

Speaker: Mohamed Yamama – Technical Evangelist –Windows Phone

Language: English (Questions in Arabic are accepted during the session).

URL: Lync Meeting (find the link below)- Join Lync Meeting , you may download Lync client from here.

Date: Wednesdays

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (GMT+2)


Event Date

Event Title

Event Description


Intro to Windows Phone 8


In this session we'll talk about Windows Phone 8

differentiated features and explore the tools

available to build your 1st Windows Phone 8 app


Design Windows Phone 8


In this session we'll talk about Windows Phone 8

Design Principles and how to use Blend and other

tools to start designing your apps with the new modern UI


Building Windows Phone 8


In this session we'll talk about the essentials you

need to learn for building any Windows Phone 8 app


Files and Storage

In this session we'll talk about Files and Storage

in Windows Phone 8 and Serialization of object and

access SD cards


Windows Phone 8

App Lifecycle

In this session we'll talk about Windows Phone 8

Application Lifecycle and how to enable the

Fast App Resume in your app


Tiles and Push Notifications

In this session we'll explore different Tile Sizes and

how to leverage Windows Phone unique live tiles

features for your app.We'll also discuss different

notifications and how to send Push Notifications

to your WP app


Background Agents

In this session we'll talk about the different types

of background agents for Windows Phone and

how to use them in your app. We'll create a Windows

Phone app with a background agent during a session


Using Phone Resources

In this session we'll talk about how to leverage Windows

Phone resources such as Launchers and

Choosers, sensors..etc


Using Speech

In this session you'll learn how to control your app

through voice commands and how to make your

app talk and become interactive


Differentiate and Monetize

apps for Windows Phone

In this session we'll talk about How to differentiate your

Windows Phone app and make money from it.

We'll go through MEA WP Quality Standards

Tool and we'll explore different monetization techniques

and the best one for your app


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Mohamed Yamama,

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