Acropolis Team Blog

Be sure to check out the Acropolis Team Blog too. We'll be posting regularly to this blog to keep you up to date with our progress but it also provides a venue where you can direct questions right to the whole Acropolis team.

The other nice thing about the team blog is that it lets all of the Acropolis team interact directly with the community, and lets you see firsthand some of the extremely cool work they are doing.

Take this post by Ricky Tan, a SDET on the Acropolis team, for example. In this post Ricky shows how you can very easily extend the Notepad sample (that ships with the Acropolis CTP 1 release) to provide a web browser view for HTML files. This also shows how you can integrate Windows Forms controls into your WPF Acropolis application using the Windows Forms Integration features of .NET 3.0. Nice work Ricky.