Are We Firing On All Cylinders Or What?

This last month has been what you might call crazy.

Within the space of a couple of weeks we have had no less than 6 major releases in P&P! We're a fairly small team, but we follow an agile process for all of our projects which enables us to scale pretty well and have multiple projects in flight at any one time. This time, 6 of our projects were completed or hit key milestones at about the same time so we've had a flurry of releases in a short period. In no particular order:

  • EntLib 4.1 & Unity 1.2 - The latest release of our wildly popular Enterprise Library, with performance and usability improvements as well as a bunch of fixes and support for VS2008 SP1. Download it from MSDN here, or checkout the CodePlex site here.
  • Unity 1.2 - Our Dependency Injection Container. New features include the integration of policy injection so you can have the container manage interception. Download it from MSDN here, or check out the CodePlex community site here.
  • SharePoint Guidance - Guidance on how to develop SharePoint applications, including how to design for testability & unit testing, continuous integration, setting up different environments for development, build, test, staging, and production, and how to manage the application life cycle through development, test, deployment, and upgrading. Download it from MSDN here, checkout the CodePlex site here, or read about it on Blaine's blog.
  • Application Architecture Guide 2 (Beta 1) - The first beta of the next edition of our popular Application Architecture Guide. Visit the CodePlex site here, or download the PDF here.
  • Acceptance Testing Guidance (Beta 1) - Guidance on planning and executing acceptance tests and generally defining what 'done' really means. CodePlex site here, or download the guide directly from here.
  • Distributed Agile Development Whitepaper - Ade Miller's whitepaper on how to do agile development with a distributed team, based on P&P's own experiences. Download the PDF here and checkout the P&P Agile development showcase page here.

Plus, we've continued to make good progress on Prism, our guidance for building composite WPF and Silverlight applications, and we made our 5th drop on CodePlex here.

Not only that, but it's conference season too. We've had folks at the PDC in LA, Agile Development Practices in Orlando, our very own P&P Summit in Redmond, TechEd Europe in Barcelona, and next week it's the Strategic Architects Forum in San Francisco, and the P&P Roadshow in China soon after that. If only air miles were actually worth having...