Prism Template Pack 1.4: Now with MEF Support!

Quite a few folks have asked for MEF versions of the Prism templates. I’m happy to announce that the Prism Template Pack has now been updated to include MEF (as well as Unity) templates.You can download the latest version of the template pack (version 1.4) from here [Updated Link]. You can read the release notes here.

Remember to remove the .zip extension (leaving the .vsix extension!) before double-clicking to install the templates.


The Prism Template Pack now provides templates for a quick-start solution, a shell and a module, for both Silverlight and WPF, and in C# and Visual Basic.NET. That’s a grand total of 24 individual templates (!!), which is one reason why it took so long to release this update.

To make it easier to find the right template, I’ve added MEF and Unity categories under the Prism node. This approach isn’t ideal but it means you won’t have to parse a large flat list of templates. In the near future I’ll investigate moving to a wizard-based approach where you can choose between MEF and Unity, and other configuration options, using a wizard dialog. That should allow the templates to support more variations without exponentially increasing the number of templates Smile.

As always, please let me know what you think.