The Top 5 Acropolis Questions At TechEd

Well, the Acropolis team had a busy week last week. Most of the team was back in Redmond busily working on our CTP 2 release but a number of us went down to Orlando to talk about Acropolis at TechEd 2007. TechEd was a great opportunity for us to talk with developers about our goals for Acropolis and to answer developer's questions directly.

We only announced Acropolis at the beginning of last week, so most attendees hadn't had much time to download the Acropolis CTP 1 release and to really start playing with the bits yet. Even so, many of the developers who swung by our booth in the Technical Learning Center asked some pretty detailed technical questions about how they could use Acropolis in their applications, and so we got a chance to find out firsthand what kinds of client applications people are building and what specific problems they are hoping that Acropolis will solve for them.

So I thought it'd be useful and interesting to recap some of those conversations here so you can see what other developers are asking and thinking about. And please feel free to chime in and add your own perspective and questions. You should also check out Brad Abram's blog which has a good summary of the coverage that Acropolis has been getting in the Blogosphere.

So over the next series of posts, I'll be writing up the top 5 Acropolis questions we were asked at TechEd, along with our detailed responses, answers and comments...