Web 2.0 Patterns Wiki

Last week a group comprising Felix Nyffenegger, Judith Bishop, Duane Nickull, Marco Brambilla, Marco Egli, Michael Mahemoff, Patrice Pelland, Petri Selonen, Steve Burns, Wolf Logan, and Wei Wei joined me and Joe Yoder at the Web 2.0 pattern mining workshop at ETH Zuerich.


Several clusters emerged around the workshop's presentations. For example, Patrice and Wolf's coverage of gadgets and gadget platforms pushed our exploration to the UI/glass. Some of the common traits include:

  • Provide an open platform
  • Support several technologies (JavaScript, Silverlight, Flash)
  • Package applications as gadgets
  • Extend instrumentation to include the client
  • Provider feeds raw content, users create personalized mashups


Also on the first day Duane and Steve's coverage of cloud-hosted services brought forth the following:

  • Execution context awareness
  • Scale services up and down
    • Add more capacity quickly, only when you need it
    • Remove capacity when you no longer need it
  • Leverage analytics-increase awareness of server utilization
  • Abstract out the hardware
    • Push into the cloud
    • Leverage virtualization

On the second day Michael's focus on gadgets and OpenSocial directed us to paleosocial patterns, while Felix and Marco's coverage of Web 2.0 site navigation put on the table vizualizations (e.g., debategraph.com, tafiti.com), presentation shifting (e.g., piclens.com, Photosynth), and others.


During the workshop we also designed a web-based video player that surfaced many of the solutions we looked into. Besides reminding us what it's like to use a real blackboard this exercise helped cluster some of the emerging themes:


  • Key-value store: Amazon Dynamo/S3, BigTable (Google)
  • Streaming: Hulu, YouTube streaming (not Flash)
  • Client time synchro service: NTP, MMORPG
  • Social network integration services: Oauth, OpenID/Passport
  • Mash-up engine: PopFly, Yahoo! pipes
  • Monetization (social cash -> $, analytics, instrumentation): AdSense, witkey.com, SiteMeter, Elance
  • Video: Vime, Nicovideo.jp, Jaman.com
  • Mood: Musicovery, Yahoo! IM, Nabaztag.com
  • Friend states: Twitter
  • IM: Facebook/MySpace, Twitter, Shoutbox
  • Recommendations: Tuneglue, Netflix, Facebook


We are planning on fleshing out some of the emerging patterns as a a distributed, collaborative endeavor. We have a wiki site to provide the locus of collaboration for this work. For the moment only the folks who attended the workshop could add and change the content. I expect that to change as the content shapes up so stay tuned.