25 apps for christmas–office, itunes and zune

no list of applications would be complete without microsoft office.  i have always used this on windows and had a chance to check out office 2004, 2008 and 2011 on the mac.  the latest versions of office (2010 for the pc and windows phone, 2011 for the mac and the web versions of office from any browser) have easily increased even my use of many of the programs in the suite.  the docs integration with facebook has been very cool for things like powerpoint presentations or spreadsheets.  skydrive storage and now the integration with live mesh means my files are rarely “on that computer” – i can get them anywhere.  for 2010, office is easily my #1 application. 

itunes and the app store have to be included since they did usher in the concepts, but zune has quickly become the marketplace of choice for me.  zune like itunes is now an eco system, but an eco system around the devices i use.  i’ve had the xbox on this list, windows phone 7, i’ve got multiple zunes including a custom 80 gb joy division zune and zune hd.  video and music plays on all these devices seemlessly.

so here’s the 25 applications that made the cut:

microsoft office (for pc, phone and browser)

itunes (for pc, mac or isomethings)

zune (for pc, xbox or phone)

microsoft kinect games (for xbox)

microsoft paint (for windows)

techsmith snagit (for pc or mac)

winzip (for pc or mac)

facebook, twitter and linkedin (from anything connected to the net)

kindle (hardware and apps for windows, mac, phones, etc.)

microsoft tag and word lens (for phones)

itoiletfinder (for windows phone 7)

rockband 3 (for xbox)

netflix (for literally everything)

fitbit (for pc or mac)

amazon mp3 downloader (for pc or mac)

songsmith and ribbon hero (for windows)

remote access (multiple platforms)

eye fi (for pc or mac)

media players (for taking it with you)

windows live mesh 2011 (for syncing your life)

shazam (for that song you just can’t place…)

foxitsoftware (for pdf files)

parallels (for client virtualization)

visual studio (for development)

internet explorer, firefox, safari, chrome or opera (for surfing the internet)