25 apps for christmas–shazam

imagine you are in your car, at a restaurant or a store and a song comes on that you really like but you don’t know the artist or song title (you make an educated guess with what sounds like the chorus, but certain songs/artists might use this as the title/might be hard to understand what they are saying) - with satellite radio in your car this problem pretty much goes away.  now i look forward to this old situation with shazam on my windows phone 7 (and cool zune integration).  listening to a song you like?  press the shazam logo and it samples the song for a few seconds, uploads the clip and analyzes it to tell you what song you are listening to (now for the great part) – if you have a zune pass you can download the song from the marketplace and enjoy it whenever and whereever you want (or use one of your free 10 songs/month to purchase and keep it forever).