4th and 5th installations of windows 7 rtm

today i’m working on my 4th and 5th installation of windows 7 rtm.  one is an upgrade from the windows 7 enterprise release candidate to rtm and the other was a fresh install (both of these were 64 bit installations).

i’ve been on rtm bits for a little over a week now and realized one of the main differences between rtm and the beta and rc – help and support!  i had two of the three computers i installed rtm on with me last week at techready (our internal technical training conference) and was able to play around with rtm on the flight, a few times during the day (in sessions where you wanted to test something you learned or discussed) and every evening (even if it was just to access the it crowd episodes to unwind).  both the beta and rc had the usual “this will be included at a later date” or “information to be included later” messages for almost anything.  in the rtm, there’s a help system locally.

so my 64 bit upgrade of windows 7 enterprise rc to rtm is transferring files, settings and programs (the last step in the process) and i’m sure i’ll blog more about this in future postings.