full operating system vs mobile operating system

3:50 pm

it’s been less than 24 hours since i memorized the dvorak keyboard and i’m no speed demon as this post will attest to…

3:54 pm

but what the four minutes of trying to remember where the colon is on the dvorak layout (it’s where the shift + z should be!), another powerful reason for a full operating system became apparent – accessibility. 

dvorak keyboard 3

lower case dvorak keyboard layout in windows

both windows and mac osx have keyboard layouts from many different countries and also have dvorak as an alternative to the qwerty layout most touch typists use.

dvorak keyboard 1

if you don’t know why the dvorak layout is something worth investing time in learning (especially if you don’t already know how to touch type) – just consider this fact – the worlds fastest  typists use the dvorak layout not qwerty.

windows 7 even keeps track of keyboard preference between applications!  i switched back to qwerty in windows live writer to be able to quickly write this post (even the keyboard shortcuts i’m used to are in different places on dvorak! – try ctrl + c when you are actually typing ctrl + j !) but my ie9 browser is still using dvorak (which i’ve now set to be default in windows 7).  i’m sure you’ll see more on my progress with the dvorak keyboard layout – stay tuned

4:05 p.m. – i’ve got some practicing to do!