movies about dreams and virtual reality

this week i saw the movie inception for the second time and it reminded me of another movie when i was young that i really enjoyed brainstorm. brainstorm is a movie staring christopher walken and natalie wood about two scientists that perfect a machine that allows one person to "playback" the real world experiences of another.  i really enjoy movies like this that allow you to think about things that aren't possible today.  having just returned from techready 11 (an internal microsoft conference) where we were challenged by ray ozzie to envision the future and microsoft's role in it (as well as provided glimpses into the not so distant future of many of our products and technologies) - my imagination is in high gear.  this was also the first techready that i created and presented a hands on lab which was based upon content that jeremy chapman had put together and was well received by attendees.

this fall microsoft will release kinect for the xbox 360 which i can hardly wait for, but there are so many life altering technologies that i use on a regular basis - many of which i could not have dreamed of on my own or with the help of others just a few years ago.