my best year in college

in the summer of 1987 my mother received a call from millikin university in decatur, il.  apparently they had over booked dorm assignments and they were looking for approximately 40 students that would be willing to live off campus in a hotel.  i was hoping my mom said “yes” but she took it one step better.  because i hadn’t expressed an interest in a roommate, she told millikin i would like a signal room!  so my sophomore year of college, i was among approximately 80 students that lived on the 4th (male) and 5th (female) floors of the ambassador hotel in decatur.  i had my own bathroom, there was a shuttle back and forth to campus (probably a 15 minute walk) – the only thing that wasn’t included was maid service.

in 1988 (on april 30th) i met my wife eva and in the fall i moved into the new dorms millikin had built to accommodate the overflow.  we were married on june 22, 1991 and our son samuel was born on our 7th wedding anniversary.  since then we celebrate the day we met as our anniversary in april.

the ambassador hotel – there was a kfc right across the street