new privacy settings on facebook and the microsoft outlook social connector provider for facebook

have you seen this?  one of my favorite outlook 2010 features is the microsoft outlook social connector for facebook.  there are also connectors for linkedin, myspace and windows live messenger.  what caught my attention recently was the “people feeds” i was seeing from people i hadn’t connected with on facebook.


i’m going to use someone i know for this example.  bill is a member of cwug (the chicago windows user group) and sent me an email – i confirmed that bill and i are not connected in facebook (but i’m going to add him after this post) and you can see all of the information (pictures, communication with other friends, etc.) that was available because the web app privacy settings.


bill and i aren’t currently connected in facebook…

the main thing i like about this is people that i might need a “reminder” about who they are show up in email, but from a privacy perspective, it’s something to consider/keep in mind…


there is a new fb privacy setting called "instant personalization". the new setting shares your data with non-facebook websites & it is automatically set to "enabled". go to account>privacy settings>apps & websites>instant personalization>edit settings & uncheck "enable". btw: if your friends don't do this, they will be sharing info about you as well. please copy and repost

the 28th of january was data privacy day and this post seemed relevant.