students involved with technology 2014

January 24th Mr. Chuck D was on the Arsenio Hall show.  Arsenio was discussing his old show "We talk about my old show...I fought for groups like you and NWA and one situation I lost a fight with Paramount because your song was called 'By the Time I Get To Arizona'."

"Tell young people what that song was about..."

Chuck D responded "Everybody got a smartphone so you can Google that...  You can YouTube that...  That's what makes this era different from any other era before - if we are educated enough to stay on top of technology, It can be useful for us and there's no excuse for somebody to say "I don't know" You can research (with) whatever's in your pocket."

Saturday, February 22nd students from all across Illinois will present technical topics to their peers at several schools.  This is the 14th annual conference and the 6th in DeKalb.  It's fun to see so many talented young students show off their passion for technology.

The conference web site is - more about this year's event soon...