sunday posts for everyone - influences

it seems appropriate on my parent's anniversary to post something about how both of them have influenced me both personally and professionally.  after all, they are the first two examples, mentors, friends and people i could and did look up to.  let's start with my mom.  although she is liberal in some ways, the choices she made in her own life were very traditional.  she is a firm believer in equal rights for everyone and served on the human relations commission when i was young (as well as supported the equal rights amendment in the 70s).  she is very spiritual and teaches sunday school to this day (before i was born she taught school and has a natural talent for guiding youngsters) and always stood up for me when i was young.  when my mom is involved in a project, she gives 110% to it no matter what.  my dad on the other hand worked a traditional 9-5 job and often watched us in the evenings when my mom had meetings.  he spent time guiding my brother and me in indian guides (a program through our ymca) and was very involved in our local church, a behavioral healthcare organization in dekalb and more recently kiwanis and our local united way.  like his father my dad has a very gentle and fun way about him.  he is one of the most organized people i know.

the main reason that my parents continue to be such big influences in my life are the examples they set for me, my family and the community.  they have been married for 46 years and support each other in many church, community, social and political activities.  i am grateful for the examples they have and continue to provide.  happy anniversary mom & dad!