sunday posts for everyone: what is he talking about?

a couple weeks ago someone mentioned that they don’t understand half of the stuff i post here, on twitter and on facebook (because my twitter updates also appear on facebook automatically) and i got to thinking about how much of what i communicate assumes you work in information technology.  thus the new sunday posts for everyone where i’ll try and provide some basics for what the rest of my posts are about.

1.  the windows key.  probably the first thing that occurred to me was that i refer a lot to the windows key (as well as other keyboard combinations) without demonstrating or making sure people know what it is.  check out the wikipedia link on what it is here -

2.  i assume you know what twitter is.  i have to admit this one eluded me for quite a while.  i never saw the value of it early on (because most of my communication was using email, instant messenger, texting or facebook).  twitter is nice because it can be connected to many of these same services.  i’ve been hooked for a while now and most of the people on twitter are people that understand my posts (but these also hit my facebook status which i’ve got friends, classmates, people from my community and that i’ve met almost anywhere).

3.  i use acronyms.  this is where the internet and bing come in handy for me (especially for understanding text shorthand).  most of the acronyms i use are computer related, but it you don’t know what ip in “ip address” stands for, you can click here

4.  finally most (but not all) of what i write about here concerns computer enthusiasts, it professionals, or as i like to be called, “geeks”.  my daughter audrey really likes horses (she is behind me with half my computer screen checking out the american girl horse collection right now).  i try to organize the posts here with tags so that if you are just visiting because of education or family internet use, i try to “tag” those posts so that you can find them more easily.