tekken 6 – coming out later this month for xbox

it’s been an entire year, but later this month tekken 6 comes out for the xbox 360.  since then i’ve added a second xbox to our home, begun watching netflix movies instantly on them, created my own custom avatar and gone back to mainly wireless game play even in titles like rock band and guitar hero.  the xbox has easily been elevated to the most important device in our home theater setup.  it’s now connected to a windows 7 media center, zune 80 gb (when that’s not in my ford fusion) and our windows home server.  during parties it’s hooked up to our in wall speakers and music is played from one of the 3 or 4 locations that it can pull from.  tekken was the game that pulled me back to owning a game console (playstation 2).  i have since owned an xbox, a psp, as well as my two xbox 360s, and a wii (mainly for the sports games) always longing for tekken to debut as a multi-platform game.  this october, tekken finally will and between that and some other game titles i’ll probably check out this fall, at least one of the xboxes will see some use as what it was originally purchased for – playing games.


gamertag: stilldrey