The Lover Speaks

In 1988 I met my future wife, Eva.  That summer I left for DeKalb and made her a mix tape (that apparently was really meaningful beyond the hours I put into hand writing the track lists and getting the right tracks to fill up a 90 minute cassette.  One of the bands I picked was a little known group from England that I had heard of from 120 Minutes on MTV (remember when they played music videos and music programming?).  When I saw the CD on sale at MusicLand, I picked it up.  It’s one of those hidden gems with more than just the hit that everyone’s heard.  Annie Lennox covered the hit “No More I Love You’s” which gives you a sense for how great the rest of the tracks are. 


A few years ago I ripped all the tracks to a CD and also to computer tracks.  I’m really glad I still had the CD, because I just checked all of the online music stores I could think of and at least the US stores didn’t have this.  They do have some of the 2nd album tracks on myspace.