troubleshooting: windows slates, warpia wireless adapter and kensington usb port replicator with vga part 2

part 2:  yesterday in part 1 i gave you the setup - problems with wireless and wired projection through usb on windows 7.  in part two i'll let you know what else we tested.  we had a laptop running windows xp and when we attached it, we couldn't get it to project and when we disconnected the cable, the laptop turned off.  this indicated we either had issues with two operating systems, form factors (slate and laptop), connectors (vga and usb) and even brands or we had an issue with the cable connection to the projector.  the installation was a wall connector to a ceiling mounted projector and so someone found an extra vga male to vga male cable and that solved the problem!  you can troubleshoot software apps, windows, hardware, drivers and even a device, but sometimes the issue is the last thing you think to check (in this case the cable).

after replacing just the cable from the wall mount to the laptop, the windows xp laptop was fine, the windows 7 slate with the kensington usb port replicator with vga worked to project both the desktop and video content, and even the warpia wireless device was working flawlessly.