use the powerpoint 2010 action feature to touch enable your next presentation

In PowerPoint 2010 there is a Hyperlink and Action feature that allow you to navigate to a certain slide when a word (hyperlink) or area/section (action) is touched by the presenter (on a touch screen) or clicked with a mouse.  I have found this very useful with some of the new intro decks for Windows 8.  No more rearranging decks if I want to start with an application discussion or someone has a question about how Windows 8 will change the way they use their devices at home and at work.

Hyperlink in PPT 

Highlight the area you want the action (in this case to advance to the appropriate slide) to be and under Insert – Action you can hyperlink to another slide!

Hyperlink in PPT 2

On more complex decks I will use this feature to quickly navigate back to a summary/intro slide and just enable actions from there.  I also leverage the “type the number of the slide and press enter” trick in PowerPoint since I learned it as a technical trainer (really important if you have build slides).  If you want to advance to a summary slide that is the 20th slide in your deck, just press 2 0 and enter on your keyboard in slide show mode!