windows 7 – what happens with a lot of windows and alt+tab?

on my regular system this have never presented itself as an issue, but what about on a netbook with limited resolution?  windows 7 allows the alt + tab results to wrap in the list.

alt tab 01 

alt + tab results on my workstation

alt tab 02

usually the main culprit for me to even consider this limit is internet explorer windows.  i typically have 10 or more sites open at once.  the average number has increased since i started using direct access (internal sites are available wherever i access the internet).  internet explorer 8’s tab feature allows me to cut down on the number of alt + tab (and with windows key + t i can still get previews of all the tabs i have open – even in 1 internet explorer window)


pressing windows key + t even with multiple tabs open on windows 7 shows you each tab as a thumbnail – up arrow and then right and left arrows allow you to navigate the previews from your keyboard.