Orlando Day 4 (Thursday)

Two more days to go in Orlando. Soon Dr. International will be back in the Pacific Northwest, just in time to miss Tropical Storm Arlene. Even though Arlene is not forecasted to hit Orlando, Dr. International still decided to play it safe, especially now that Dr. International became famous. The Pod Casting Crew came by and did a detailed interview at the cabana. It seems that the microphone was broken, but you can still understand most of it.

Tomorrow will be a huge day for Global Development & Deployment Virtual Track. We have DEVC19 - Advanced Localization Architecture (9AM, Cabana 8), DEVC21 - Custom Cultures in Whidbey (10:45AM, Cabana 6), MSG-369 Supporting East Asian Languages in Global Exchange Deployments (1PM, N230), BAP347 - MBS Azapta: a truly Global Business Application (1PM, N210B), and last but not least DBA319 - Databases for the World (2:45PM, N210B).