Silverlight 4 Developer Beta

During the second PDC keynote came the announcement of a beta release for Silverlight 4. Silverlight 4 adds a number of new media features as well as extends capabilities for applications that run outside of the web browser. The beta release is primarily intended for software developers to test out the new features.

The tools download includes the developer runtime, the software development kit, and integration with Visual Studio 2010. You do need to use Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 when working with Silverlight 4 applications.

There were several sessions at PDC covering Silverlight 4. Here they are with video available.

Microsoft Silverlight 4 Overview by Karen Corby

Take a tour of the new features in Silverlight 4 including a dive into some of the new ready for business features like printing, rich text support, and expanded databinding support. Also hear about exciting Silverlight additions to the media stack, and get an introduction to the Silverlight 4 elevated trust out of browser model.

Improving and Extending the Sandbox with Microsoft Silverlight 4 by Joe Stegman

Explore enhancements to the app experience, the ability to host HTML content within Silverlight, and playback rights-protected media when offline. Get details on the new extensions to the sandbox that allow apps to run with elevated privileges and access the file system or interop with desktop components via Automation.

Building Line of Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 4 by David Poll

Learn about enhancements to data binding and data validation as well as new support for rich text & printing in the platform that allow you to build compelling LOB user experiences. In addition, you will see how you can incorporate webcam & microphone support into your applications using Silverlight 4.