WCF Case Studies Year 3

Two and a half years ago I put together an initial list of case studies involving WCF from the Microsoft case study site. Yesterday I covered the year past the initial list and this time I'll go one year farther. Today's list covers roughly a year starting from the time that Orcas SP1 was released. I haven't sorted the case studies by the version of WCF used, but I'd expect that in this batch you'd see an increasingly prevalent mix using .Net 3.5.

The basic premise has not changed since the first list. The Microsoft case study site is a collection of easily-digestible executive-style summaries of people using Microsoft products. However, finding the case studies about WCF in the collection is next to impossible. I've tried to select a collection of case studies that deals with WCF in interesting ways, which means that I've both probably missed some case studies that are interesting and included some case studies that only superficially use WCF.

  1. Avanade Spain
  2. Citroen
  3. Colonial Life
  4. Dubai Bank
  5. Earth Class Mail
  6. Eduserv
  7. Enterasys
  8. EPS Software
  9. Hershey Technologies
  10. ISC
  11. MTV Networks
  12. Netiks
  13. NEXT
  14. Scripps Research Institute
  15. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  16. Thomson Reuters
  17. Vertex
  18. Zaptag