Team Foundation Build Recipes Site

Grant Holliday was an MVP, but now he supports internal VSTS/TFS operations here at Microsoft.  He’s got a great blog over at Grant Holliday's blog.

Before he came to Microsoft, he maintained a Team Foundation Build Recipes site. He turned it over to William Bartholomew, who’s maintaining it nicely. It’s a set of examples which show how to accomplish some basic Team Build or MSBuild activities.  I’m frequently asked how to Restrict The .NET Target Framework Version, but William has an example.  I’m also asked how to Deploy MSIs from TFS Build, create a WiX MSI Setup Package, how you Deploy Web Applications to IIS, and how you Keep the Build Number and Assembly Version in sync. There are more examples at Build Recipes.

There are other good build resources at

Plus, Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine is finally out, and you can get it from your local bookseller.

Hope these resources help.