SP1 Beta release available today


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Today we release the Beta of windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) to a private group of Beta testers via connect.microsoft.com. Brandon over on the Windows Experience blog has installed and regularly uses SP1 on all of his machines (as do I) and discusses the more notable elements of it. We'll review some of the changes made in SP1 later this week on the blog; what’s more, our VP of Product Management, Mike Nash, answers questions about Windows Vista and SP1 in a video on Channel9. Meanwhile, I invite you to read the SP1 white paper we published last month.

We also released today five reliability packages via connect.microsoft.com for testing by selected members of the community. These packages consist of numerous improvements to Windows Vista based on user feedback, and while they will also ultimately be part of SP1, we're working to make them available before the final version of SP1 is released so that your Windows Vista experience is the best we can make it. But for now, they're still undergoing testing and will come your way once they're ready for prime time.

The same goes for SP1: keep your eyes peeled and stick with us here on the blog, as we'll let you know how SP1 is progressing.


Vu également sur le site Windows-now.com un petit conseil pour vous éviter de perdre un peu de temps lors de votre premier test

By now you're aware that the Windows Vista SP1 Beta has been released to beta testers for a thorough shakedown. I just wanted to give anyone who still has UAC on a bit of warning. If you right-click the installer and select "Run as Administrator" first, then it won't take nearly as long to extract the files. Otherwise, it takes almost 15 minutes just to fail thrugh the copy the first time, until you finally get the UAC dialog.

Also, be aware that, while it says it can take up to 30 minutes, it's closer to an hour, and it will restart 3 or 4 times in the process (checking the box at the beginning is definitely advised). I've been running SP1 on my main machine for a few hours now, and it seems to be pretty stable. I'll have more on this later.