Oracle Support Announced for Visual Studio Team System 2010 Development

Today it was announced Oracle support will be available for Visual Studio Team System 2010 Development through a Database Schema Provider (DSP).  Quest, a provider of Database Management Solutions, is developing the Oracle DSP for Visual Studio Team System.   For those working in heterogeneous database environments this is BIG news!

The Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR introduced a new product architecture that provides a model representation of a database schema and extensibility points to expand support for other database platforms.  Third parties can develop DSPs which implement models to expand the support for specific database platforms and versions.  Quest's Oracle DSP will add support to Team System Development for Oracle and will provide the following Oracle based database project features :

  • Offline Schema Development

  • Import Schema

  • Schema Compare

  • Data Generation and Unit Testing

  • Refactoring

  • and more...

Teams that have benefited by using Team System Database Edition to manage their Microsoft SQL Server database development will also be able to manage their Oracle database's with the same tool and process integration.

You can read more about Quest's upcoming DSP product here.

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