Check out EF Contrib!

OK.  First off I have to apologize for the fact that I've been pretty silently lately.  I've got a whole backlog of questions to answer, fixes to entity bag, comments to respond to, etc.  Life seems to be composed of different seasons--there's a time to write 58 blog posts, and it seems there's a time to put my head down take care of other things and pretend I never had a blog...  In any case, though, I just have to make a short comment on something that has me very, very excited.

If you haven't seen it yet, please, PLEASE go take a look at  Some great folks have started contributing projects which could make use of the entity framework much richer and more interesting in the long run.  There are two projects up now--one which makes it much easier to create entity classes which are more persistent ignorant (YEAH!) and one that makes it easier to extend and customize code generation in EF projects within visual studio.  The overall project is active with new posts going up regularly, and it's my hope that more and more people will contribute.

 - Danny