DP Advisory Council

As we wrap up VS 2008/.Net 3.5 SP1 and begin planning in earnest for the next release, we’ve been brainstorming various ways to improve our understanding of the problem space and to create feedback channels for our plans. I appreciate the feedback that many of you have already given about the Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, ADO.Net Data Services and other aspects of the Data Programmability team’s efforts. One recurring theme in that feedback has been around domain driven design, so among our other criteria we’ve put together an advisory council which includes some members with notable credentials in that area.


I’m excited to announce that the council, which will have its first meeting in July, will include:


Eric Evans - http://www.domainlanguage.com/about/ericevans.html

Stephen Forte - http://www.stephenforte.net/

Martin Fowler - http://martinfowler.com/

Pavel Hruby - http://www.phruby.com/

Jimmy Nilsson - http://jimmynilsson.com/


…as well as additional folks from various teams in Microsoft.


While I’m optimistic that these folks will provide great feedback, I also want to encourage all of you to continue sharing your thoughts. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.


- Danny