Sorry for the hiatus… Time to start blogging again.

If there's actually anybody out there reading this...  Sorry I've been so long without any postings.  Once again a thread on the orcas forum has prompted me to get back into blogging, and there's lots and lots for me to write about.  So I'll try to set aside some more time for that.  Of course if any of you are actually interested in orcas, then you will probably be sympathetic to the fact that time spent on this blog wars with time spent improving the product.  ;-)

At any rate, here are some of the topics I intend to write about in upcoming posts:

  • A series of discussions about the "update pipeline":
    • how to specify the concurrency tokens in the csdl
    • how changes are tracked in object services
    • how the EntityAdapter processes those changes to produce sql update statements (& how that can work with stored procs)
    • concurrency exceptions & addressing conflicts
    • transaction management (automatic and explicit)
  • A couple of updates explaining new designs for tricky areas:
    • server generated key values
    • custom object construction

If anyone has a topic I should add to this list or one of these topics you'd like to hear about first, speak up.

On a related note, something I've struggled with a bit in the past is trying to keep straight what features were in which CTP version and how does that compare to what's actually on my machine. So my new plan is just to write about the state of the product either as currently checked in (but not necessarily shipped in a CTP) or possibly even the current plan of record for what we'll ship in Orcas even if we haven't quite finished implementing that plan of record. Not only will this be easier for me, but hopefully it will help you understand where we're going. The main downside is that those of you actively using one of the CTPs may have a version that operates a bit differently than what I describe.