Podcast with Me on Testing on the MEF Team and at Microsoft

This week I was on the Herding Code podcast, discussing how we do testing on the MEF team and at Microsoft.  You can listen to it here.

This was the first podcast I’ve been on and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Some lessons learned:

  • When recording a podcast over Skype, make sure you have a good internet connection.  I was using a wireless internet service, and my audio quality is really poor.  I apologize for this and hope that most of what I say is still understandable.
  • For a fun game, count the number of times I say “Ummm” and “Uh…” in the podcast!
  • If, during an interview, you stop and make an aside that you expect to be edited out (such as “Man, you sure are going to have to edit out a lot of Ummms”), that part may not actually get edited out. :-)

Many thanks to Jon Galloway and the rest of the Herding Code crew for having me on their podcast.